The Main Combo Error in DFS Hockey


In my first post on DFS, readers told me how they never realized that so many people out there were making such a crucial mistake (selecting a goalie who is not even slated to start). Today, I’m going to go over what I believe is the most common combo error in Daily Fantasy Hockey when it comes to GPPs.

GPP stands for Guaranteed Prize Pool. To me, a GPP is just a tournament with a ton of people akin to an MTT in poker. Since a GPP only pays the top 20% of participants or so, the best strategy to implement is to submit a lineup with a certain level of upside. Players can have similar expected fantasy points but the standard deviation for each of them can be different.

Here’s a quick example to showcase what I mean. Two players average 2 fantasy points per game. One always scores 2 while the other either scores 4 or 0. You want the second player in the GPP, because he’s the one that gives you the best chance of winning the whole thing.

In order to win a GPP, you basically need multiple players in your lineup to have amazing nights, so one of the things you absolutely should not do is start a forward who is going up against your goalie. That is because by setting such a lineup, you are locking youself to just one of them having a great night. If your forward has a monster night, it likely means that your goalie got destroyed and vice-versa.

Scanning through submitted lineups from last night’s Mini Light the Lamp contest yields many people who decided to neglect the dangers of this combo. Here, Atkinson (CLS) was put in the same lineup as Halak (NYI). Atkinson ended up being an even worst play because he was announced as a healthy scratch hours before the game. The participant was lucky to cash though maybe by avoiding simple mistakes, they could have finished even higher to gain themselves some signfiicant cash.


And that’s all I have for today.

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