Spreading Kindness with Eh Team Toques

Eh Team Toques left: 45 50

Hey Eh Team fans,

I’m hopeful we can get a reunion episode together before the end of 2018. Things have been super busy with everyone (did you know Jay Boosh is a dad now?!). Don’t worry, at the very least, I see a lot of collaboration happening between the gang and me in the near future. I just had Medina on my First Strike podcast and look forward to doing a one-on-one interview with Smi77y next week to catch up on old times.

Anyways, let’s get to the main point of this page. I visited my parents’ home this month to fetch some of my stuff and found a crate of Eh Team toques that each need a home. There’s about 50 of them. Inspired by my good friend Gerry Thompson and his charitable work, I think that I want to use this opportunity to donate to a charity as well.

I did some research to find out which charity would make the most from my donation and I have settled on Food Banks Canada. We can make a difference this holiday season by providing food to those in need, especially when it gets really cold up here in the north.

With the logos designed by @TheProxyGuy, these are actually high-quality toques that are perfect for the winter weather. Yes, the logos are embroidered and are badass. To keep costs low, I’m going to limit this opportunity to people living in North America. Again, proceeds will go to Food Banks Canada.

With a donation of at least $15 USD (essentially the cost of the toque itself – they’re high quality and we did not mass produce them), you will be shipped one toque. If you want more than one, add $10 USD to your donation for each additional toque. The first donators can request one of the tokens (besides the foil KYT) shown below. If you want me to sign one of the KYT tokens, I can do that as well. These tokens will obviously never be made again.

There’s two foil KYT tokens that @TheProxyGuy made for me and those will go to the two highest donators. I will ship everything out in 2 weeks (Friday, November 23rd).