Podcasts are one of the most convenient sources of entertainment and information today. They are absolutely perfect to listen to when you are on the go. These are all the podcasts that I’ve ever been involved with!


Searching for Rachel Mak: A self-improvement podcast of two Asian dudes (Dave Lee and me) who experiment with love, life, gaming, and everything in between.

First Strike: A Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game. The show, which is hosted by me, is streamed live on YouTube every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. Regular co-hosts: Robert Lombardi, Doug Potter, Bryan Gottlieb.


The Eh Team: My very first and most successful podcast of all-time. It was a comedic show where four friends discussed their week in Magic: The Gathering. Many of the game’s most popular celebrities have come on as guests. All Eh Team members (ordered by first appearance): Scott MacCallum, Jay Tuharksy, Jesse Smith, Jonathan Medina, Jeremy Schofield, Matt Mendoza.

Crazy Talk: Considered by its fans to be the greatest Legacy podcast of all-time, this cast featured Alexander Hayne (before he became one of best playes in the world), Jonathan Medina, Franky Richard, and me.