NHL Analytics


As some of you know, Moneyball is one of my favorite stories of all-time, though I definitely think the movie could have been better. Graduating in Software Engineering, I have always been fond of numbers and I have recently been curious about how effective analytics can be at predicting NHL games. Corsi is the name of the game and in future posts, I’m going to update all of you on all the knowledge I accumulate during my journey to solve the NHL.

A few days ago, I started a Facebook group with a few friends to help me out on this mission of mine. I have made predictions on recent games and I am going to keep track of how well I do in the long run against the odds provided by Pinnacle.

So far, I have been right on my first three predictions. Let’s assume for illustrative purposes that I place $100 on each of my predictions.

Vancouver at Colorado – Win +111
Chicago at Montreal – Win +78.7

NYI at Anaheim – Win +126

Current Total: +315.70

If you are into NHL analytics, feel free to start a chat with me!

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