Searching for Rachel Mak #1 – Misapplying EV


I started yet another podcast project yesterday. This time, it’s with my close friend Dave Lee, but I’m not doing another Magic: The Gathering centric show for the nth time. The description of the show is “KYT & Dave Lee chatting games, life, and kung fu” and if I could describe it in another way, it’s a podcast that consists of two gamers tackling self-improvement with sprinkles of gaming discussions throughout.

The first episode is essentially an audio extension of my well-received last post Misapplying EV.

Check out Searching for Rachel Mak here:

Episode #1: Misapplying EV

The story behind the title is some inside joke that may or may not be revealed someday, but the podcast can be viewed as the chronicle of Dave’s journey to finding his one true love. Witness his path from one dating site to another!

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