Life Update!


4 months without a post. Updating a blog has always proved to be difficult. 🙂

The Las Vegas trip I talked about in my first post was a major success both family-wise and poker-wise. When it came down to playing Texas Hold’em, I ended up netting a profit of $671 in 22.5 hours of play, which turns out to be an hourly rate of $30/hour. Not too bad at all!

I’ve been busy with many Magic: the Gathering related projects and most recently, this past Saturday, I won a Pro Tour Qualifier, something I had been hoping to win for four years now. It is currently the greatest achievement of my Magic playing career and I look forward to playing my first Pro Tour in Washington come February.

My online poker playing has also ramped up to the point where I am currently able to 15-table 10NL on PokerStars. I’m not crushing the game by any stretch, but I’m not getting killed either.

That’s it for now!


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