KYT League Year 2 Week 3 Results


I took down week 3 with the help of Aaron Rodgers! Really surprised to have taken first and not get owned by someone who decided to play Tom Brady. I’m starting to think New England’s defense is overrated (not anymore?) and maybe it’s actually best to play Brady each week in the hopes of him being in a shootout.

Tenjum and jonarowe both continue their consistent point-getting, while Year 1 Champion QOTD finally gets on the board.

Overall Standings

Tenjum: 140
kytmagic: 120
dR0x: 70
jonarowe: 70
lusshouse: 50
babadascoopy: 35
Nalvor: 25
QOTD: 25
senordarko: 25
jcelso: 20
Kerplar: 20


1st: 70
2nd: 50
3rd: 35
4th: 25
5th: 20

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