KYT League Year 2 Week 12 Results


Last week was a forgettable week for me. I was jumping on the low-owned Alex Smith play but well, of course, he was low-owned for a reason. The Chiefs have been struggling to produce offense ever since their hot start.

Shamstron took down last week by being the only one with both Kamara and Mixon. The Saints running offense keeps producing week after week. How will they do against the Panthers this upcoming week?

Overall Standings

Tenjum: 365
lusshouse: 240
babadascoopy: 215
Shamstron: 190
jonarowe: 185
kytmagic: 180
vpgorman: 180
QOTD: 165
Kerplar: 150
jcelso: 95
senordarko: 95
stephenreda92: 95
CavemanKel: 85
Nalvor: 90
dR0x: 70


1st: 70
2nd: 50
3rd: 35
4th: 25
5th: 20

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