KYT & Friends NFL Season 3 – Week 8


With two rushing TDs, James Conner is making a strong case to be the #1 RB in Pittsburgh even with Le’Veon Bell coming back. Actually at this point, does anyone even know when/if Bell is coming back?

kerplar was able to get some strong performances out of his TB/CIN game stack. He’s been picking up steam with a 5th place last week and a win this week.

Overall Standings

senordarko: 280
lusshouse: 185
atenjum: 180
kerplar: 150
shamstron: 150
spencer13h: 110
stephenreda92: 110
dr0x: 105
dunkicon: 100
cavemankellen: 100
kytmagic: 70
falconflyer: 35
andyawkward: 0
intense: 0

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