KYT & Friends NFL Season 3 – Week 6


Patrick Mahomes keeps playing well and senordarko keeps winning. We are only 6 weeks into this NFL season and senardarko has won THREE of the contests already. senordarko was actually 2nd at the end of the inaugural season, so it’s not a huge surprise to see him performing well from the start. Equally impressive is defending champion atenjum who has finished in the top 5 in 5 out of the 6 weeks. Awesome stuff from the veterans!

Extra props to senordarko for jamming in all the Latavius Murray when it was announced that Dalvin Cook would be out.

Overall Standings

senordarko: 245
lusshouse: 160
atenjum: 155
shamstron: 150
dr0x: 105
dunkicon: 100
kytmagic: 70
kerplar: 60
spencer13h: 60
cavemankellen: 50
stephenreda92: 20
andyawkward: 0
intense: 0

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