KYT & Friends NFL League – Week 8


jonarowe almost made good on his promise to win week 8 but the Spencer Ware injury hampered his chances to do so. senordarko had a solid lineup, having put his faith in Aaron Rodgers whereas I had given up hope that we would see Rodgers play at an elite level again.


We are essentially at the halfway mark. Let’s go, frankymtg!!!

Overall Standings

jonarowe: 190
senordarko: 175
stephenreda92: 140
kytmagic: 120
QOTD: 110
dR0x: 105
BoltTheBird: 100
vpgorman: 100
lusshouse: 85
nickescott: 75
Kerplar: 70
T_Moles: 55
babadascoopy: 45
CavemanKel: 20
frankymtg: 0

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