KYT & Friends NFL League – Week 7


Kerplar finally gets his name on the board this past weekend thanks to the performances of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. frankymtg is now the only participant still stuck with 0 points. NFL is not easy and there is a lot of variance. jonarowe, however, vows that he will take down week 8.


At this point, no one has yet to clinch an insurmountable lead. Will jonarowe do it?

Overall Standings

jonarowe: 155
stephenreda92: 140
QOTD: 110
senordarko: 105
BoltTheBird: 100
vpgorman: 100
dR0x: 95
nickescott: 75
Kerplar: 70
kytmagic: 70
lusshouse: 60
T_Moles: 55
babadascoopy: 45
CavemanKel: 20
frankymtg: 0

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