KYT & Friends NFL League – Week 16


And there you have it… Our first KYT & Friends Champion: QOTD! With the help of Jordy Nelson, he was able to clinch first place and has distanced himself so far away from senordarko that he cannot be caught. The battle for 3rd place is still very much open and our favourite tilter CavemanKel is actually in the running after his recent surge of collecting points.

There’s one more week everyone! My favourite question: does frankymtg have enough left in the tank to avoid last place?

Overall Standings

QOTD: 475
senordarko: 375
nickescott: 225
stephenreda92: 225
jonarowe: 210
vpgorman: 210
lusshouse: 200
CavemanKel: 190
T_Moles: 175
kytmagic: 160
babadascoopy: 130
BoltTheBird: 120
Kerplar: 120
dR0x: 105
frankymtg: 70

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