KYT & Friends NFL League – Week 13


Usually leading the league after the first hour and falling back, lusshouse managed to finish in first this past weekend, giving him a shot at the crown by season’s end. The season is almost over though. Will we see someone threaten senordarko and QOTD?

In other news, CavemanKel jumped out of the bottom level with a solid 2nd place finish. Let’s see him replicate that!

Overall Standings

senordarko: 305
QOTD: 300
jonarowe: 210
nickescott: 190
stephenreda92: 190
vpgorman: 185
lusshouse: 175
kytmagic: 140
babadascoopy: 130
T_Moles: 125
BoltTheBird: 120
Kerplar: 120
dR0x: 105
CavemanKel: 70
frankymtg: 25

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