KYT & Friends NFL League – Final Standings


Congratulations to QOTD for becoming the 1st ever KYT & Friends Champion! 2nd place goes to senordarko! Both of these guys were crushing it once we got to the halfway point, so one has to ask if they figured out some NFL DFS secret along the way.

Although 1st and 2nd were determined before the final week, 3rd place was still open to be taken. It wasn’t that long ago that CavemanKel was in the last place but a late-season surge gave him hopes of finishing in the money. However, stephenreda92’s 4th place finish crushed his dreams and has sent him to Tilt Land.

Thanks to all who participated! Prizes to our winners will be awarded today!

I know there’s a lot of people who have asked if they can get in next year, but I’m not really sure if this type of league is viable without changes on DraftKings. The league is always in danger of not firing if someone forgets to join and I was always stressed out come Sunday morning when the league hadn’t completely filled yet, but if you had fun this year, let me know!

QOTD: 475 – $200
senordarko: 445 – $120
stephenreda92: 250 – $80
CavemanKel: 240
nickescott: 225
jonarowe: 210
vpgorman: 210
lusshouse: 200
kytmagic: 195
T_Moles: 175
babadascoopy: 150
BoltTheBird: 120
Kerplar: 120
dR0x: 105
frankymtg: 70

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