The KYT & Friends NFL Fantasy League – Year 2


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Hey everyone!

Final Standings (Year 2)
Tenjum: 385
kytmagic: 350
Kerplar: 340

Final Standings (Year 1)
QOTD: 475 – $200
senordarko: 445 – $120
stephenreda92: 250 – $80

The rules are going to be the same as last year’s so I’m just going to copy and paste them while adjusting the deadline date/details to sign up.

If you don’t have a DraftKings account, it is FREE to create! Be sure to use my referral link though ->

If you haven’t touched DK in a while, you might not know that they have now integrated leagues into their system.


Let’s assume my league will have 20 managers. The concept behind my league is that every Sunday you setup a DraftKings lineup which consists of choosing players while respecting the salary system. If you haven’t played before, it’s actually really simple. Here’s a screenshot:


Once the week is over, the top X teams in the KYT league are awarded points. For example:

1st: 70
2nd: 50
3rd: 35
4th: 25
5th: 20

Once the entire season has played out, the prizes will be paid out to the top total point-getters. I envision top 3. Again, it really depends on how many managers I end up getting.

The complete details will be published closer to the day of the first Sunday, but entry fee is $25 CAD which you only need to pay once for the entire season.

To join the league on DraftKings,

To be eligible to win some money, you need to send $25 CAD to before 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 9th.

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