Feeling Scattered


I think the problem of feeling scattered happens to the best of us. There’s so many things we all want to do but there’s only so much time in a day, in a month or even in a year. Right now, I’ve got a wedding to plan, but I also still want to keep producing the best Magic: The Gathering podcast possible. I also want to get better at web programming. I still want to get better at a range of games so that I can compete at the highest level in them. The list goes on and on…

I’ve had to say no to many things but I’m still always working on something. Unfortunately, I have failed to allocate any time at all to go to the gym over the last year. I think getting myself back to a fit state should be higher on my priority list which means I’m either not saying no to enough things or I’m saying no to the wrong things.

Sometimes, I think it’s important to take a moment to zoom out. I’ve seen so many popular content producers in the last month talk about how they were so sucked into content production that they completely neglected other aspects of their lives. Most of the time, they were neglecting their significant other. Even Ethan Klein from h3h3 revealed to us that he himself had to reset. I find myself in the same position. I think I have to zoom out and narrow my range of projects but put my absolute heart and soul into this smaller group.

On my old podcast, the Eh Team, we stressed that balance was important in our lives. Looking back, even though we knew it was important, I don’t think it was something that was easy to apply. It’s just too easy to get carried away by something. We’re only human after all.

And in this post, I don’t think I just need balance, I need to be more OK with giving up things I want to do. I honestly don’t think “you can always make time for anything” applies to me. I can be more efficient, sure, but the mountain of things I want to accomplish is really really high.

Let me know if you feel like you’re in the same spot and can relate!

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