Face Reality


It can be really discouraging for me to see many people perpetuate myths surrounding DFS. Today, someone posted a Reddit thread titled “7 Reasons You’ll Never Consistently Win Playing DFS” which is filled with almost nothing but misinformation.

Everyone loves to repeat the stat that “1% of this player base is winning 99% of all the money”, but this fact shouldn’t scare you from playing DFS. It merely states a feature of what a GPP actually is. GPPs are top-heavy tournaments where a small number of players will get most of the money. That’s why to just keep jamming this fact does not make sense to me. Are you expecting most people who play the lottery to be winning players?

Then there are those skeptics who want to see players do bad to confirm that they have made the correct decision to dodge DFS. They don’t want you to do well because if you do, they will look like a fool for not having jumped on the bandwagon sooner. For me, I think the majority of DFS players make mistakes in their lineups which has led me to being a profitable player so far. I don’t think I’m part of some elite 1% group.


I lost a ton at the beginning because I had no idea what I was doing, but over time, I have fine-tuned my strategy to the point where I think I’m of the better NHL DFS players in the world.


For the curious, I’ve detailed parts of my approach on this blog. The biggest flaw I witness is that most NHL DFS players believe games are more predictable than they really are. They see certain matchups and would probably bet a large sum of money on a game being a low-scoring 2-1/1-0 type game, but there’s a reason that the over/under of almost every single NHL game is either 5 or 5.5. If you’re really that sure about how a game is going to go, go make a killing playing O/U against Vegas. I have doubts you’ll succeed.

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