Do I Need a Coach?


Because I’ve been consuming so much Tai Lopez content for entertainment purposes, people have asked me whether I think they should buy his Social Media Marketing Agency program. It’s a $997 video course. The TL;DR answer is NO.

What’s interesting is that this question had me pondering about how much courses/coaching should be worth. How can you tell if it’s worth the money to buy a course or hire a coach?

It’s coincidental that one of my good friends, poker coach/author James Sweeney, recently did a podcast talking about when/how one should approach poker coaching. He said that it’s all about ROI.


If you pay for an expensive coach to teach you the basics when free resources online can get you started on the fundamentals, you will be losing a lot of value on your money. The podcast made me think of how this type of ROI thinking can be applied to anything. How good of a return are you getting for your investment of money, time, and effort?

Watch any video of people who have taken Tai’s course and you know everything in the program is very much an introduction to social media. Click here for one example. They’re still trying to figure things out after consuming his $997 course.

Heck, I’m actually a professional social media marketer for and a lot of my new ideas come from reading blogs such as this one or just copying what’s working out there.

For example, one of my fave poker video producers Doug Polk has said that he has needed to do clickbait type thumbnails to increase views. Learn and copy.

I’m not going to go as caps lock crazy as Travis Woo though it has definitely had a positive impact on his view count if that’s all you care about.

The very first thing you should be doing if you want to get into the social media game is just to create accounts on all the different platforms and see how you would approach growing a following on each of them.

If you really need a comprehensive program to get you started on social media marketing, then I would look for much cheaper courses on Coursera or udemy. Make sure to check the credentials of the teachers.

Yes, Tai Lopez has gained an insane following on multiple platforms but that doesn’t really mean anything because I can’t take part of what made him so successful and use it myself. I’m not going to have expensive cars or beautiful women in the background of my videos. Just because someone seems to be killing it doesn’t mean they are the best teachers for you.

What bugs me about Tai when he markets this program is that he makes it sound like you can easily get financial freedom with it AND that it will allow for passive income because you can automate a lot of the things you need to do. It’s not that easy. You have to find clients who are big enough to afford to hire you but do not already have a social media strategy in place and if you want to give them value, you’re going to have to spend time producing good content. Don’t let his talk fool you.

I’m personally planning to get into a few courses in the near future, but I will strongly look at the price tag and the credentials of the teachers before taking the plunge.

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