Announcing KYT & Friends NFL League Season 3!


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For the final step, send $25 CAD (PayPal or e-transfer) to

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Hey everyone!

If you are new, the KYT & Friends NFL League is similar to a regular fantasy football league that you would play on Yahoo! except that you are not stuck with the same team for the whole season. Each week, you pick 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex and 1 Defense. The only restriction is that you cannot exceed the total salary of $60K.

At the end of every week, you earn League Points based on the final rank of your team. For example, the first place team might earn 70, the second place team might earn 50 and so forth. I say might because the number of teams that earn League Points will be subject to the final number of participants.

Once the season is over, the top place finishers will receive a share of the prize pool. In the first 2 seasons, we gave it to the top 3 with first getting 50%, second getting 30% and third getting 20%.

FanDuel has an excellent guide that you can check out here: NFL Guide 2018

To be eligible to win some money, please send $25 CAD (PayPal or e-transfer) to before 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 9th.

I’ll end this post by showing the top 3 from the last two seasons!

Final Standings (Season 2)


Full Season 2 Standings

Final Standings (Season 1)


Full Season 1 Standings

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