An Introduction

My name is Kar Yung Tom and I’m a professional strategy gamer.

I am best known for my work on the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. I’m often referred to as Captain Canada in the MTG community for my work in bringing Canadian Magic players to the fore of the tournament scene. In 2010, I created, a Canadian-focused content site that provides its visitors with free articles, videos, comics, and podcasts. The website is seen as the community hub for Canadian Magic players. I used to host The Eh Team (2010-2016), one of the most popular podcasts ever about the game. I currently host First Strike (2016-), a new debate-style show.

In 2014, I attained one of my main goals in Magic by winning my first Pro Tour Qualifier, something that I had strived to achieve for years. The win qualified me to play at a Pro Tour, one of the most prestigious Magic tournaments a player can participate in. I had an average finish at my very first PT, but I would use the lessons that I picked up along the way to win a second PTQ in 2015. My results have earned me the reputation of being one of the strongest Magic players from the province of Quebec.

Before Magic, my very first love in the strategic gaming world was chess. During my high school days, I was rated by the Chess’n Math Association as one of the best chess players in Canada for my age group, but over the last couple of years, my secondary game to Magic has been poker. I am one of the more high-profile community members of the poker training site and I can be seen playing 25NL 6-Max online or 200NL live.

My latest passion is daily fantasy sports, specifically hockey having been in a keeper league with my friends for over a decade. Being born in Montreal, it should come as a suprise to no one that the Canadiens are my favourite sports team. DFS attracts me the same way that Magic and poker does. It is a compelling combination of strategy and luck.

This blog will chronicle my journey through the strategic gaming world. Hopefully, we share common interests and can help each other become stronger strategy gamers.

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Updated: February 1st, 2017