KYT & Friends NFL Season 3 – Week 8

James Conner's 2 rushing TDs brings home the bacon for kerplar!

KYT & Friends NFL Season 3 – Week 6

senordarko extends his lead with his 3rd contest win of the season!

Announcing KYT & Friends NFL League Season 3!

Quick Links If you don't have a free FanDuel account, make one with this link. To join the league that is setup on FanDuel, click here. For...

Searching for Rachel Mak #26 – Lies from an Unexpected Source

KYT & Derf are back for another season of Searching for Rachel Mak! In this season debut, KYT responds to a friend who has chosen to attack him and his character in a video blog.

Feeling Scattered

I'm feeling a bit scattered lately and wanted to write a quick blog post as self-therapy.
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